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Mission, Vision, Goals, and Diversity Statement

Department's Mission

The mission of the OSU Department of Speech and Hearing Science is to serve and advocate for persons across the spectrum of communication needs by discovering new knowledge about speech, language, and hearing, educating diverse groups of leaders in communication sciences, speech-language pathology, and audiology, and expanding accessibility to communication services for people of all backgrounds. 

Department’s Vision

To be leaders in research, teaching, and outreach for the creation of a diverse, creative, and altruistic community of scholars and clinicians. 

Department’s Goals 

To conduct and disseminate cutting-edge scholarly research in the sciences and clinical translation of speech, language, and hearing;

To develop outstanding professionals (researchers and clinicians) in speech-language pathology, audiology, speech science, language science, swallowing, and hearing science;

To promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the speech, language, and hearing professions and sciences by creating a diverse faculty and staff who educate students from a variety of backgrounds in an environment that values the dignity and inherent worth of every individual as their authentic self;

To distinguish itself as a leader in the speech, language, and hearing sciences and clinical professions;

To provide and promote an innovative, inspiring, rigorous, and supportive environment for all learners;

To promote lifelong learning and engagement with our department for our community;

To make a positive impact on the communities of Ohio and beyond through outreach efforts from our faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

Department's Diversity Statement

The Ohio State University’s Department of Speech and Hearing Science affirms the importance and inherent value of diversity in the student body, faculty, staff, and clients served by our clinic. Our didactic curricula, clinical education, and research programs reflect our multicultural society and seek to provide opportunities for students to learn more about people who are different from them. We are committed to promoting a community that: recognizes and values the inherent worth and dignity of every person; fosters sensitivity, understanding, and mutual respect among each member of our departmental community and the patients and families whom we serve; and encourages each individual to strive to reach their own potential. Discrimination against any individual based upon protected status, which is defined as age, color, disability, gender identity or expression, national origin, race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or veteran status, is prohibited.