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Graduate Minor in Speech and Hearing Science

Speech and Hearing Science is an interdisciplinary study of the use of speech, language, and hearing in human communication. Both the normal processes and disorders of communication are studied with the goal of better scientific bases for the diagnosis and treatment of speech- language and hearing problems. Major areas of interest include the development of the human communication process and the effects of age on speech, language, and hearing. A knowledge of the bases of human communications using speech, music and other environmentally- important sounds is essential for those studying human communications whether face-to-face, or by telephone, radio, TV or computer network. 

The Graduate Minor in Speech and Hearing Science is intended for graduate students majoring in related disciplines, such as, but not limited to, Linguistics, Electrical Engineering, Music, Psychology, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Work, and Nursing. 


  • Minimum of 10 graduate credits 

  • Required courses include 2 credits of SPHHRNG 8900 (Graduate Pro-Seminar in Speech and Hearing Science), and  

  • At least one of the following: 

    • SPHHRNG 6725 (Language Acquisition and Early Intervention in Language Delay), 

    • SPHHRNG 6775 (Anatomy & Physiology of the Auditory System) 

    • SPHHRNG 6850 (Advanced Hearing Science)

  • At least two additional courses must be selected from the graduate offerings of the department. 

Minor Advisor 

Each applicant must choose an advisor holding graduate faculty status (M or P) within the department to help in selecting the appropriate courses for the student’s intended goals. The student may choose to include the minor advisor (with the advisor’s consent) in the candidacy examination committee and/or dissertation committee in their home departments, but the student is not required to include the advisor on these examination committees. 

Before completion of 6 hours of the Graduate Minor requirements, the student must submit the Minor and Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization form in Grad Forms to the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee for approval and submission to the Graduate School.