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Dual Degree Programs

Graduate students in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science may apply to pursue the following dual-degree options:

  • AuD and PhD

  • MA-SLP and PhD

Advisor Approval. PhD students in Speech and Hearing Science interested in concurrent enrollment in the AuD or MA-SLP degree program must first seek approval from their PhD advisor. AuD and MA-SLP students interested in concurrent enrollment in the PhD program must first seek approval from a graduate faculty member who will serve as their PhD advisor.

Dual-Degree Application to the Graduate Studies Committee. Upon approval from the student’s advisor, the student must submit the SHS Dual-Degree Application to the Department’s Graduate Studies Committee. The SHS dual-degree application is reviewed by the Graduate Studies Committee in consultation with either the Audiology or MA-SLP Oversight Subcommittees. Acceptance into the second graduate program is based on the student’s qualifications, advisor recommendation, and consideration of the impact on the clinical program (if applicable)

Note: Modification to the student’s academic plan and possible implications for funding should be considered before the decision to pursue a second degree is finalized.

Complete details of Dual Degree options and requirements can be found in the Dept. Graduate Handbook.