Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


The department offers the PhD degree with concentrations in Speech-Language Science or Hearing Science. The research experience is paramount to PhD training, and the opportunity to obtain this experience exists across a variety of laboratory and clinical settings, both within and outside the department.  The other hallmark of the PhD program involves the tailoring of academic coursework to the specific research interests of the student.  The academic program consists of coursework within the department, as well as in related areas such as psychology, linguistics, statistics, engineering, and/or education.  Accordingly, there are few specific requirements, other than coursework in research tools (a minimum of 9 semester credit hours) and coursework that forms a cohesive outside area (a minimum of 9 semester credit hours). This apparent lack of structure may be daunting to some prospective students, but the faculty is committed to requirements that permit the student and her or his advisor(s) to design coursework and research experiences that are best suited to the student's specific interest.  Students completing the PhD will be prepared for careers as laboratory/clinical researchers and university professors.  Inquiries regarding the PhD program should be directed to Dr. Christina Roup, Chair of the PhD Committee.


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The application window for our PhD program opens on September 15th for all students seeking admission for the following fall semester. Applications from International students are due November 15th; all others are due by December 1st.

Your first step in the application process should be an informal communication with a potential faculty advisor. You should review the research interests of academic faculty members in the department shown on the department web pages. Then, contact one or more of them by email to express your interest in the PhD program, and specifically your interest in joining their research group. You should be prepared to share your CV or resume, statement of research interests, grade point average and GRE scores. An on-campus visit is highly recommended and may be required by some potential mentors. If both you and the advisor agree that it would be a productive mentorship, then you should proceed with submitting an application.

Applicants who have not identified a member of the faculty who has agreed to advise them before the time of the application are rarely admitted into this program. If you cannot identify a prospective advisor, you may wish to contact the Chair of the PhD Committee, Dr. Christina Roup, to discuss your options.

You can upload almost all application documents (including unofficial transcripts) with your online application here. The only exceptions are official test scores (which come electronically from the testing center) and electronic letters of recommendations (which are submitted by the recommender after you apply). The application and supporting documents are uploaded into an imaging system, which allows our program to access your documents. Therefore, there is no need for you to send separate documents to the department.

If you are unable to complete your application online and must submit paper documents, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator Sarah Wendel for instructions.

  1. The following application materials should be uploaded:
    1. A curriculum vitae or resume;
    2. A transcript from each college or university you have attended. Uploaded transcripts are considered unofficial. If you are admitted, you will be required to submit final, official transcripts sent directly from the issuing institution to the Graduate Admissions Office.
    3. An autobiographical statement addressing the following topics under separate headings:
      1. What research, academic and/or personal experiences have led you to your interest in the PhD in Speech and Hearing Science?
      2. What are your future career plans?
      3. What is your area of research interest? Which faculty member at OSU would you like to have as a mentor and why?
      4. Do you plan to work outside the university during graduate study? Would these plans change if a stipend was available?
      5. If you have completed a thesis or similar document, please provide us with a copy at the end of your statement of purpose. If you’ve been involved in published research, please provide a reprint of each published paper, and describe the nature of your contribution.
      6. If your undergraduate GPA is below 3.5 or your GRE scores fall below the 50th percentile in any area, please explain and indicate factors that mitigate or explain these previous performances (e.g., low verbal score from a non-native speaker).
    4. Supporting financial documents (international applicants only). You will be prompted for this information during the on-line application.
  1. Three letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically by your recommenders. You will be prompted for their contact information. It is strongly recommended that reference letters be written by faculty members and/or research supervisors that can speak to your academic abilities and promise as a PhD student.
  2. The following test scores should be sent directly from ETS to OSU:
    1. Official GRE scores. The institution code for OSU is 1592.
    2. Official TOEFL or IELTS scores (international applicants only)
  3. Our Graduate & Professional Admissions Office charges an application fee of approximately $60 for domestic students, and $70 for international students. Waivers for the application fee are available for applicants who participated in the McNair Scholars program, SROP, who meet certain Big Ten Academic Alliance criteria, and who meet specific criteria for economic disadvantage. The Graduate Admissions Office administers these fee waivers and provides details about their criteria here.  We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity if you qualify, and to allow at least two weeks before the application deadline for your fee waiver to be processed.

Please monitor your application online to verify that your test scores and letters of reference are submitted, and your fee waiver is processed if applicable.

Applicants having a previous graduate degree from Ohio State or currently enrolled in an OSU graduate program must make separate application to the PhD Program in Speech and Hearing Science.

Application to the Department is required but elements of the application to the OSU Graduate School may not be required, depending on the circumstance. We request that applicants who have been away from OSU for five years or more provide recent GRE scores.

Questions about the PhD program should be directed to: Dr. Christina Roup, Chair of the PhD Committee.

Questions about the mechanics of the application process should be directed to: Sarah Wendel, Graduate Program Coordinator