Flaum Center for Stuttering

The Flaum Center for Stuttering at The Ohio State University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic provides a wide range of services for people with fluency disorders of all ages, including OSU students. In addition, we provide clinical education to students in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science.

Fluency Disorders includes Stuttering and Cluttering.

Stuttering, the most common fluency disorder, is the interruption to the flow of speaking characterized by repetitions, sound prolongations, blocks, interjections and revisions. It may also include physical tension, negative reactions, secondary behaviors, and avoidance of sounds, words, or speaking situations. (ASHA, 2020).

Cluttering is a breakdown in clarity accompanied by perceived rapid rate/ irregular speech rate often characterized by deletion or collapse of syllables. (ASHA, 2020)

If you or a loved one are experiencing difficulties communicating related to stuttering or cluttering, please contact us at 614-292-6251 or by e-mail to our Director, Bridget Chapman, at chapman.763@osu.edu


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