Hearing Aid Sales and Service

The Ohio State University Speech Language Hearing Clinic offers entry level and high-end digital hearing aid technology in a variety of styles from many different manufacturers including Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, GN Resound and more. We prescribe and fit hearing aids to persons of all ages. Patients and their families will be provided extensive counseling on the care and use of their new hearing aids to ensure maximum benefit. Follow up hearing aid checks are required and help to verify an appropriate fitting and are essential to the success of the new hearing aid user.

Repair services for all makes of hearing aids are provided, even for those hearing aids we did not fit. Loaner hearing aids can be provided for behind-the-ear hearing aid users.

Free hearing aid consultations are also available for anyone who has had their hearing evaluated elsewhere, as long as it has been within the past 6 months.

More Information on Hearing Aids

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