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Custom Hearing Protection and Swim Molds

Custom hearing protection (earplugs) and swim molds are available through the Ohio State Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic. Both custom hearing protection and swim molds are custom made to fit the size and shape of an individual’s ears. This promotes a comfortable and proper fit. Therefore, an earmold impression appointment is necessary to make impressions that will be sent to the manufacturer. 

Hearing protection should be worn in environments that expose an individual to loud sounds to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. Individuals with hearing loss should also wear hearing protection in noisy environments to protect residual hearing. Sources of noise exposure include concerts, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, machinery in the work place, guns, etc. Custom musician earplugs are also available. 

Swim molds may be used in situations in which one wishes to keep water out of his or her ears, such as swimming or bathing. Swim molds are often recommended by physicians for patients who have had tubes placed in the eardrums or have conditions in which water should be kept out of the ears. 

Custom hearing protection and swim molds are available in a variety of colors. Solid colors or a multi-colored swirl pattern may be chosen. A scarlet and gray swirl is a great option for Buckeye fans! 

More Information on Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

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