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Doctor of Audiology (AuD) Program Strategic Plan 2020-2024

AuD Program Strategic Plan (5 Year Plan) for 2020-2024

The AuD program at The Ohio State University is one of the top-ranking programs in the country. In order to continue to improve and expand our program we have developed the following strategic plan:

1. Maintain Top 10 US News and World Report Ranking

The AuD program at Ohio State is proud of its status as one of the top 10 programs in the United States as ranked by US News and World Report. We strive to maintain and improve this ranking by the following: 

I. Provide support for the research activities of the tenure-track faculty so they can engage in research that moves the field of speech and hearing sciences forward.

II. Continue to provide and support exceptional clinical experiences through unique clinical experiences and evidence-based, patient-centered care in our in-house clinic. We will also continue to maintain and foster relationships with our colleagues to provide comprehensive clinical experiences for our students at outside placements throughout Ohio and the United States.

III. Continue to provide numerous opportunities for students to learn and grow in the areas of research and clinical education both within our department and promoting educational opportunities outside of our department.

IV. Continue to hold our students to high academic standards.

2. Increase the diversity of faculty, staff, students in SHS

The faculty of the Department of Speech and Hearing Science is committed to improving the diversity of the AuD program and thus, the field of Audiology. To increase diversity, we will continue our efforts to recruit students from underrepresented groups and work closely with the Speech and Hearing Department’s Equity and Inclusion committee to ensure adequate support of these students. The faculty will continue to complete diversity trainings in order to increase the awareness of the issues that students who are underrepresented may face and ensure that we provide an educational climate that is supportive of students from all backgrounds.

3. Enhance and Expand AuD Curriculum

The Audiology Oversight committee continues to discuss and explore ways we can ensure we are evolving with changes in the profession of Audiology. We are currently investigating the feasibility of adding additional vestibular coursework and have added a focused practice management course taught by a lecturer who is an expert in this area.