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OSU Aphasia Initiative

The OSU Aphasia Initiative is a program for persons living with aphasia that provides structured group sessions to facilitate functional communication skills through activities that are enriching, engaging, and meaningful. Recognizing a duty not only to serve persons with aphasia, our mission includes clinical training for the next generation of speech-language pathologists as well as opportunities for members to participate in research. All group meetings are held in room 99 Pressey Hall, on Ohio State University’s West campus. Group sessions are facilitated by students pursing undergraduate and graduate degrees in Speech & Hearing Science, and are supervised by a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist.

Current Group Offerings

  • Conversation Group: This group session is designed to provide communication support during structured conversation.
  • Techno Tuesdays: Techno Tuesdays are designed for members to explore how technology can support communication. Already have a speech generating device? Bring it along!
  • Music Group: Do you enjoy listening and talking about music? Join our Music Group to talk about artists you like as well as learning about others.
  • Netflix Club: What Netflix series are you watching? The first half of each Netflix session is spend watching an episode and the second half is spent engaging in conversation and activities to reinforce the content just viewed.
  • Game Club: Explore a variety of games adapted to your individual needs.
  • Social Hour: This time is dedicated to socializing with members in an unstructured setting.

Location Information

Pressey Hall, Room 99
1070 Carmack Road
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: 614-688-1188 | Facebook

Aphasia Calendar