Eric C. Bielefeld

Eric C. Bielefeld

Eric C. Bielefeld



104C Pressey Hall
1070 Carmack Rd
Columbus OH, 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Auditory Physiology

Eric Bielefeld received his undergraduate degree from SUNY at Buffalo in 1999, and then completed his PhD from SUNY at Buffalo in 2005.  He joined the SPHS department at Ohio State in 2009.  His research interests focus on inner ear pathology from different forms of acquired hearing loss, including noise, the chemotherapy drug cisplatin, and normal aging.  His current work focuses on the interactions between these different forms of damage to the inner and how those interactions manifest themselves as changes in hearing.  In addition, an ongoing area of interest is in finding or developing drugs that can be given to protect the ear from these different forms of damage.  His research work is being conducted in the Auditory Physiology Lab.  Dr. Bielefeld is also the instructor for three courses in the AuD graduate program, as well as an instructor for the undergraduate Introduction to Audiology course.





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