Jennifer Brello


Jennifer Brello

Clinical Associate Professor


103 Pressey Hall

Areas of Expertise

  • Adult Neurogenics

My career as a speech-language pathologist at The Ohio State University has spanned over the past 25 years. My area of interest and expertise is cognitive -communication disabilities due to acquired brain injury. I began my career as a speech-language pathologist on the Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Team at Dodd Hall Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital. I also spent six years in a management role as the Brain Injury System of Care Team Leader, which involved direct supervision of SLP, OT, PT, and support personnel, program management, compliance, and budgeting. From 2009-2012, I was the Program Director of the Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation.

I joined the Department of Speech & Hearing Science in 2012 as a Clinical Assistant Professor and was promoted to Clinical Associate status in 2020.  My primary responsibilities include directing the OSU Aphasia Initiative, clinical supervision, clinical program development, teaching, and service. Other areas of professional interest include interprofessional practice and service-learning.


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