Undergraduate Major in Speech and Hearing Science


Speech and Hearing Science is the study of normal and disordered functioning of the auditory system, the speech mechanism, and language processing. It is a diverse field which draws upon a number of other disciplines, including anatomy, physiology, psychology, linguistics, physics, engineering, medicine, and education.

The Ohio State University offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Speech and Hearing Science that focuses on human speech, language and hearing as it prepares students to think critically about how people communicate with one another and experience the world around them. Students are introduced to both basic and applied research and to clinical applications. 

The undergraduate major lays a foundation for future study in the Communication Sciences and Disorders professions. Students completing the program will have completed the coursework required for admission into most accredited Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology Graduate programs. However, required courses may vary and the prospective applicant should look for those requirements on each programs’ website.

We invite you to explorer and discover what The Ohio State University’s Department of Speech and Hearing Science has to offer!