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Transfer Credit

The Department of Speech and Hearing Science welcomes students who have successfully completed Speech and Hearing Science courses at other post-secondary institutions to have coursework evaluated for transfer credit equivalency. During the University's admissions process, official transcripts are reviewed for equivalent transfer credit through the Transfer Credit Center (read about Ohio State's Transfer Admission). After this initial evaluation, some coursework may need further evaluation by the academic department. At the request of the student, Speech and Hearing Science coursework can be evaluated by the Transfer Credit Coordinator. 

Transfer Credit Evaluations are not completed during appointments. 

Evaluating Transfer Credit

Students must submit the following for SPHHRNG transfer credit evaluation:

  1. Submit a detailed syllabus for each course being reviewed.
    • Please note that course descriptions are not acceptable in place of syllabus

All materials should be emailed to the Department of Speech and Hearing Science Transfer Credit Coordinator Maria Roth at roth.595@osu.edu. The evaluation will be made within 7-10 business days of receipt of the syllabi. You will be emailed the decision to your OSU email account.

The Department of Speech and Hearing Science can only evaluate Speech and Hearing Science-department coursework. All other transfer credit must be evaluated by its respective department.

Where to Send Materials

Maria Roth (roth.595@osu.edu)

Resources for Transfer Students