Undergraduate Honors Program

The honors program is an enhancement of the basic liberal arts degree for the Speech and Hearing Science major. Students in the honors program will take enriched honors courses, and will complete an honors contract leading to graduation with honors in the Liberal Arts (no thesis), or to graduation with distinction (thesis). Eligibility for the honors program in Arts and Sciences is currently at a minimum 3.0. We encourage participation in the honors program, because the honors program will provide additional depth to the undergraduate experience, and also strengthen the student's credentials for graduate school. The Senior Thesis is a special and personal opportunity for a student to grow in knowledge and understanding. The thesis provides a vehicle for students to gain firsthand knowledge of ongoing research activities in their own discipline, and allows the student to work closely with a faculty advisor to complete an individual research project matched to the student's interests. Development of a thesis project can be an interesting and rewarding experience, and further enhances the student's record for graduate school. Students can gain 8-15 hours of credit for thesis work, through Speech and Hearing 4999H. 

Work on the thesis typically spans three semesters beginning in the spring of the junior year. In the past, students in Speech and Hearing Science completing an honors thesis have received Undergraduate Research Scholarships and Undergraduate Research Grants to support their work on the project. The scholarships provide support for tuition, and the grants provide support for costs associated with the research. The scholarships and grants are awarded competitively across the college, based on the quality of the project. Deadlines for application for Undergraduate Research Scholarships occur several times each year. In addition, students completing an honors thesis have the opportunity to participate in the Undergraduate Research Forum, a university-wide competition in which students display the results of their thesis work. Prizes are awarded for particularly outstanding work. Contact Dr. Janet Weisenberger at weisenberger.21@osu.edu in Speech and Hearing Science to obtain more information about the honors program and thesis opportunities.