Minoring in Speech and Hearing Science

The Undergraduate Minor in Speech and Hearing Science requires a minimum of 14 semester hours of course work. Its purpose is to educate and promote the awareness of communication disorders. In addition, students completing a minor in Speech and Hearing Science will have completed many of the prerequisites required to apply for an advanced degree in Speech Language Pathology or Audiology. Students should cross reference graduate program requirements to the minor course options and plan accordingly.

Required* course for all Speech and Hearing Science Minors:

SHS 2230 Introduction to Communication and its Disorders

Elective courses for Speech and Hearing Science Minors:

SHS 3320 Principles of Phonetics

SHS 3340 Introduction to the Art and Science of Sound

SHS 3330 Language Acquisition

SHS 4420 Anatomy, Physiology and Science of Speech

SHS 4430 Introduction to Language Science and Language Disorders

SHS 4440 Anatomy, Physiology and Science of Hearing

SHS 4510 Disability Studies in Context

SHS 4520 Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology

SHS 4540 Introduction to Audiology

SHS 4999 Baccalaureate Research and Thesis

SHS 5605 Multicultural Aspects of Communication and its Disorders

SHS 5714 Introduction to Sign Language Systems

SHS 5732 Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation

SHS 5760 Neurology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism

To declare the minor, students must meet with an undergraduate advisor.  Call 614-292-6961 to schedule an appointment. 

*If you would like to request to substitute a course not listed in the SHS minor for one of the required minor courses, you will need to fill out the Minor Course Petition Application. Please note that exceptions to the minor coursework are only made in special circumstances and your request should first be discussed with a SHS advisor. You may set up an advising appointment by calling 614-292-6961.

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