Requirements Pre-AU22


Major Requirements Prior to AU22

  • SHS 3320 Principles of Phonetics 
  • SHS 3330 Language Acquisition 
  • SHS 3340 Introduction to the Art and Science of Sound 
  • SHS 4420 Anatomy, Physiology and Science of Speech 
  • SHS 4430 Introduction to Language Science and Language Disorders 
  • SHS 4440 Anatomy, Physiology and Science of Hearing 
  • SHS 4520 Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology 
  • SHS 4540 Introduction to Audiology 
  • SHS 5605 Multicultural Aspects of Communication and its Disorders
  • Two additional SHS courses at the 4000 or 5000 level from the following list:
    • SHS 4510SHS 4530 (Sp only), SHS 5732SHS 5760, SHS 5785PSYCH/LING/EDUTL 5700
  • Check the course catalog for the pre-requisites for each course. Meet with your advisor to plan your progression through the major courses.

SHS Major Supporting Courses, which may overlap with the GE

Speech and Hearing Science students need specific required coursework to supplement their major. These courses can overlap with their General Education (GE) plan:

  • SHS 2230 Introduction to Communication and Its Disorders
  • Math 1148 or higher (GE “Math and Logical Analysis”)
  • Statistics 1350 or higher (GE “Data Analysis”)
  • Biology 1101 or higher (GE “Biological Science”)
  • Lifespan Development course (choose one):
    • HDFS 2400 (GE “Social Science: Individuals and Groups”), or
    • SHS 3350 (GE “Social Science: Individuals and Groups”), or
    • Psych 3340 (can be petitioned to count in the General Education but it does not automatically count)